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Abstract Guidelines

1. Abstract Topics:

No Abbreviation Field
1 BM Biophysics and Medicine
2 MB Membrane Biophysics
3 SB Structural Biology
4 BF Bioinformatics
5 BN Biophysics in Neuroscience
6 IM Imaging and Super-resolution Microscopy
7 BC Biophysical Studies on Enzymes or Viral Infection Proteins

2. General Conditions

Abstracts are required for all of the On-site and Online poster presentations.
Deadline of Abstracts Submission: June 02, 2022 (Thu) (23:59 GMT+8)
All abstracts must be submitted in English with accurate grammar and spelling suitable for publication.
Accepted abstracts will be published in the congress program book (Hard copy for on-site congress & soft copy for online congress).
Please confirm the template of Abstract: Download Template, and upload in Word document (doc or docx format).
Please use the same email address as you registered for the congress to log in and reach your own member page. Click on “ Abstract Submission for Poster Session” to submit your abstract.


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