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Poster Presentation & Competition

Presentation Type Note Award
On-Site ✓ Abstract Submission
✓ Exhibition of Printed Poster for On-Site Presentation
✓ Presentation of Your Poster at Poster Session (Presentation in English)
✓ Participants Selected for Oral Competition (Presentation in English)
★ Group A (Students & RA) and Group B (Post-Doctoral Fellow):
  • 1st Prize - $ 8,000 NTD
  • 2nd Prize - $ 5,000 NTD
  • 3rd Prize - $ 3,000 NTD
  • 4th Prize - $ 1,000 NTD
  • 5th Prize - $ 1,000 NTD
Online ✓ Abstract Submission
✓ To Upload JPG (or JPEG, PNG) File of Your Poster Presentation
✓ To Submit a YouTube Link of Your Poster Presentation Video (Presentation in English)
★ 3 Popular Poster Awards (Voted by all Attendees):
  • Prize - $ 3,000 NTD/Person
★ 5 Best Poster Awards (Graded by Judges):
  • Prize - $ 3,000 NTD/Person

On-Site Poster Presentation & Competition:

(1) Poster size of on-site presentation: The recommended print size of the poster is 90 cm (width) X 120 cm (height) or A0 format for portrait orientation. All content must be prepared in English.
(2) Please mount your poster before 15:00 on June 22, 2022, and unmount it before 12:00 on June 25, 2022. All poster presenters must present at the Poster Sessions.
(3) The paper presented in the congress includes poster presentation and oral competition.
(4) There will be two separate groups for the poster presentation competition:
Group A - PhD Students, Master Students, Undergraduate Students, and Research Assistants
Group B - Post-Doctoral Fellow
(5) Best five competitors of poster presentation will be selected by the judges for the oral presentation competition.
(6) The oral presentation competition (In English) will be held in the evening of Friday, June 24th. Judges will score and select the three highest scoring posters for oral competition award.
(7) The first place in each group will receive $ 8,000 NTD, the second place will receive $ 5,000 NTD, and the third place will receive $ 3,000 NTD.

Online Poster Presentation:

(1) All content must be prepared in English.
(2) Please provide a JPG (or JPEG, PNG) file of your poster and name your file: Your full name - Abbreviation of abstract field.
(3) Please note to keep the poster size restricted to 25 MB. (If exceeding, contact the organizers).
(4) JPG (or JPEG, PNG) file upload of your poster:
➤ Registration/Log-in : Please use the same email address as you registered for the congress.
➤ Reach your own member page, and click on “Poster/Video upload” to upload your JPG (or JPEG, PNG) file.
(5) You should record a 3-5 minute virtual component of your poster presentation, and upload the file to YouTube.
Record a 3-5 minute video in mp4 format.
Upload the video file to YouTube with the visibility set to “unlisted” to make sure your video does not appear in search results or on your channel. Your video can now only be accessed with the unique link.

>>How to make a video in PowerPoint - ppt to video

>>Uploading videos to YouTube from a smartphone

>>Uploading videos to YouTube from a desktop

(6) You should submit a YouTube link of your poster presentation to “Poster/Video upload” of you own member page.
(7)  The prerecorded poster and video presentations can be viewed on congress website. Attendees who have registered could log in and browse through “ePoster” to find out the researchers’ poster and presentation. 
(8) Vote online for your favorite research posters: Online voting during the congress on June 22-24, please vote for the popular posters. Each attendee can vote for the three best posters. Three of the top ranked posters will win the popular poster awards. 
(9) Five best poster awards: The competitors present their posters on video will be rated by judges, and five of the top ranked posters will be selected for the awards.
(10) Popular poster awards and best poster awards will receive the prize of NT$ 3,000 per person. Winners will be announced at closing ceremony on June 25.

Deadline of uploading your file: June 15, 2022 (Wed) June 19, 2022 (Sun)(23:59 GMT+8)

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